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Call Senior Fellowship (SF)
Programme EDCTP1
Start Date 2011-05-13
End Date 2013-05-12
Project Code TA.2010.40200.007
Status Completed


Role of functionally distinct monocyte subpopulations in protection against clinical Plasmodium falciparum malaria in people living in endemic area of Mali


To assess the role of monocytes activation by infected red blood cell in the protection against clinical falciparum malaria in endemic area and determine the frequency of monocytes subpopulations according to the clinical outcome (asymptomatic, mild and severe) of malaria infection

Host Organisation

Institution Country
University of Bamako Mali


Name Institution Country
Charles Aarama Malaria Research & Training Center Mali
Issa Diarra Malaria Research & Training Center Mali
Abdoulaye Kone Malaria Research & Training Center Mali
Amadou Niangaly Malaria Research & Training Center Mali
Mahamadou Sissoko Malaria Research & Training Center Mali
Kourane Sissoko Malaria Research & Training Center Mali

Study Design

Immunological cohort studies

Results & Outcomes

Antibody titres to all antigens, except MSP-119, and the number of antigens recognized increased with age. After malaria exposure, antibody titres increased in children that had low titres at baseline, but decreased in those with high baseline responses. No significant differences were found between antibody titers for individual antigens between children remaining symptomatic or asymptomatic after exposure, after adjustment for age. Instead, children remaining asymptomatic following parasite exposure had a broader repertoire of antigen recognition. The present study provides immuneepidemiological evidence from a limited cohort of Malian children that strong recognition of multiple antigens, rather than antibody titres for individual antigens, is associated with protection from clinical malaria.


Daou M, Kouriba B, Ouédraogo N, et al. Protection of Malian children from clinical malaria is associated with recognition of multiple antigens. Malaria Journal. 2015;14:56. doi:10.1186/s12936-015-0567-9.


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