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Call Disease Outbreak and Epidemic Response (EPI Fellows)
Programme EDCTP2
Start Date 2021-07-01
End Date 2024-06-30
Project Code CSA2020E-3131
Status Active


Training Epidemiologists and Biostatisticians for enhanced response to disease outbreak and epidemic in West-Africa (TEBWA)

Host Organisation

Institution Country


2021 TEBWA

Students Supervised

Type Name Title University Start Date End Date
SALLAN Ortiz University of Abomey Calavi 2021 2023


Institution Degree Year
MSC Epidemiology/Public health, Benin Msc 2023-08-28
Bachelor degree : Epidemiology, public health, Benin Bachelor degree 2017-12-31

Areas Of Specialisation

Tuberculosis (TB) Neglected Infectious Diseases (NID) Lower Respiratory Tract Infections (LRTIs) Diarrhoeal Diseases (DDs)


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